The Finest Winter Park Massage

Two-Gether Massage

60 min. $220+    80 min. $260+
A great way to relax and reunite with your loved one. Enjoy the therapeutic & rejuvenating benefits of your massages together in the same room. Advance booking recommended. THE choice for a Winter Park Colorado Massage that you’ll always remember!

The Heaven and Earth

80 min. $170    100 min $190
Soar to the heavens as tension and discomfort melt away. Then gently drift back to earth as the body becomes more centered and balanced. Smooth, heated basalt stones, warm soy & shea lotion and therapeutic essential oils all unite into one amazing treatment. One of the favorites at our Winter Park Colorado Spa

The Bella Body Elixir

60 min. $130    80 min. $160
A sublime massage experience. Colorado made soy and shea butter massage candles are melted into a warm lotion to help hydrate dry skin & soothe tired muscles. Topped off with warm, aromatic compresses to deepen relaxation and seal in moisture. Ahhhhhh! This is one of the “Special Sessions” that made our Winter Park Colorado Spa famous

The R&R

60 min. $130    80 min. $160
Boost immunity and enhance your resistance to disease with the Raindrop Technique®. Therapeutic essential oils are gently applied to the spine along with warm towels. Combined with your choice of Massage or Reflexology (please specify when booking). Don’t miss this aromatic experience to melt away stress & fatigue.

Healing Hot Stone

60 min. $130    80 min. $160
Indulge yourself in deep warmth and relaxation. Smooth, heated basalt stones are infused into this massage as a powerful aid in relieving muscle soreness and tension.

Deep Tissue & Advanced Bodywork

40 min. $85    60 min. $110    80 min. $135
When you need more! This massage focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue. It may be combined with specialized techniques to assist in treating chronic or acute pains.

Swedish/Relaxation Massage

40 min. $70    60 min.$90    80 min $110
A customized lighter to medium pressured massage, blending long, fluid strokes to enhance circulation, relieve muscle tension and release toxins.

Integrative Massage

40 min. $80   60 min.$100   80 min $120
A dynamic blend of different massage techniques and pressures to assist the body with focused healing and relaxation

Sacred Mountain

40 min. $80    60 min. $100
Balance and open the energies of the body through a light-touch therapy. A very gentle method of detecting and correcting imbalances may promote better health and vitality and resistance to “dis-ease.” *Your choice of either CranioSacral or Reiki

Soothe My “Sole”

40 min. $80    60 min. $100
A whole body therapy focused through the reflex points of the feet. This fabulous foot treatment infuses warm compresses and essential oils to promote deeper healing and relaxation. Better health is but a step away!

Maternity Massage

40 min. $80    60 min. $100
A nurturing massage for the expectant mother. Customized to focus on areas of discomfort yet offer a relaxing escape.

Customize your massage

Add Aromatherapy:  $15
Add Deep Tissue:  $5 +

Buy a package of Spa Treatments and save:
Buy 4, and the 5th treatment is half off.
Buy 6, and the 7th treatment is FREE!

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